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Open Source Solutions For Small and Medium Business

Open Source software has been around for a long time and there are countless programs that compete with major software we all used. While not all open source software is great, there are several that stand out.  So how much does it cost? NOTHING! Read More »

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Are you “too busy” to need a website?

When I start talking to someone who owns their own business, I ask “Do you have a website”? When they answer “no” I then ask them if they have ever considered having one built for them. I am always surprised when they say they don’t want one for fear of attracting too much business and thus, becoming too busy. I have heard this a few times now and I always tell them to consider something. Read More »

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Website Redesign

I am very happy to announce that my portfolio has undergone a face lift.

The new site adds a whole bunch of functionality and helps my friends and clients keep in better contact with me. I will also be adding informative articles and links to external articles that I find worthwhile. I will be adding the finishing touches over the next couple days.

Questions? Comments? I would love to hear what everyone thinks

AJ Hurford

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