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Are you “too busy” to need a website?

Are you “too busy” to need a website?

When I start talking to someone who owns their own business, I ask “Do you have a website”? When they answer “no” I then ask them if they have ever considered having one built for them. I am always surprised when they say they don’t want one for fear of attracting too much business and thus, becoming too busy. I have heard this a few times now and I always tell them to consider something.

A Website can help you the most when you are slow!

All business owners have the ability to turn away work. In my experience people will see this as an indicator not only that you are in demand, but that your product or service is of high quality. This makes them want to use your service even more! People want what they can’t have especially when they see that their friends have something they can’t get.

The simple response I give is, “you can turn down work when you have too much but you can’t always find more work when things get slow”. Use your website to help reduce the slow periods that you encounter or better yet, prevent those slow periods all together! This type of thinking comes into play with virtually all industries, especially construction and other seasonal industries.

Many businesses fail during a slow down period when their savings aren’t enough to carry them through. Help avoid the feast or famine style of business management. A website is an employee that is working 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to help bring you business.

Consider how much time and money you would spend training an employee to do sales for you. I bet its less than you would spend on a professional website!

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